For Corporations
Walk With Sally is more than a good cause. We have a professional marketing team dedicated to building long-term, mutually beneficial cause-marketing partnerships in the community. We'll provide you with marketing expertise and successful branding programs that will increase your brand awareness while making a difference for your employees, your customers and the children benefiting from the work by Walk With Sally.

Sponsorship of Walk With Sally special events provides brand marketing and product sampling opportunities to target a variety of audiences. Our events are designed to target specific demographics, including grassroots efforts that appeal to mothers with young children, on-campus college and university events, and as well as a blend of "bohemian mix, money and brains, movers and shakers, upper crust and young digerati" - all socially conscious group choosing to make a difference in their community.

Sponsorships can be created with Walk With Sally in 5 ways:
1. In-kind product donation 

2. Cash

3. Volunteering for a special event or a children activity.

4. Adopt a WWS special event

a. White Light White Night
b. Super Bowl-a-thon
c. A Brilliant Affair
d. Name your Special Event

5. Giving at the Office  By designating Walk With Sally as your chosen charity, you can help make a difference in the lives of children in even your community. Contact us at 310.322.3900 or via e-mail at to find out how you can join Walk With Sally's mission to help children of parents with cancer. For Employers, your benefits are:

-Improved customer loyalty
Enhanced reputation and standing in the community
Increased positive name recognition and brand awareness
Leadership and development opportunities for employees
Exposure of senior staff to new ideas, points of view and important social movements 

For Employees, 
you determine the amount you want deducted from your paycheck each pay period. Ask your employer to join the companies currently supporting Walk With Sally. Employees who join the Walk With Sally will receive:

-Quarterly stories and photos of the children you are helping
A “Portrait of the StarShine kids"  photo album to display our quarterly pictures
Semi-annual newsletter featuring the latest Walk WIth Sally Friendship and graduates
Progress reports on a WWS Friendship for the life of the Friendship

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