For Mentors and Volunteers

When it comes to changing the world, you do not need to know everything. You simply need to get involve and do it! Get your hands dirty and just show up! In many areas of our lives, if you want something special, little or large, we have to serve it. The same is if you want your grass to grow, we have to water it. If you want children to learn, we have to educate then. This is how things work, right? Saint Francis Assisi said, "it is in the giving that we receive." When the heart is in the right place, whatever we do, large or small, will always succeed. 

The ways to give to Walk With Sally are: 
1. Become a mentor
- Must be 18 years of age or older 
- Must have lived or lost a parent (or sibling) to cancer OR a cancer survivor 
- Must dedicate 6-8 hours per month with mentee for a minimum of 1 year 
- Must participate in as many group friendship activities throughout the year 

2. Become a volunteer. Here are areas in which Walk With Sally could use a helping hand: 
- Children Activity Volunteer (each quarter) 
- Registration/Check-In Event Volunteer (each quarter) 
- Shirt Sale Event Volunteer (each quarter) 
- Orientation / Information Session Volunteer (monthly) 
- Auction Planner and Coordinator Volunteer (quarterly) 

For more information about becoming a volunteer or a mentor, please email at

Click here to become a mentor
Click here to become a volunteer

Books for Mentors

Mentoring Children and Adolescents: A Guide to the Issues
By Maureen A. Buckley and Sandra Hundley

The Miracles of Mentoring
By Thomas W. Dortch, Jr.

Helping Teens Handle Tough Experiences: Strategies to Foster Resilience
By Jill R. Nelson, Ph.D. and Sarah Kjos, M.Ed.
The Art of Mentoring: Lead, Follow and Get Out of the Way
By Shirley Peddy, Ph.D.

The Elements of Mentoring
By W. Brad Johnson
and Charles R. Ridley

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