Walk With Sally was born from the heart of a boy who along with his brother faced with the loss of their single mom Sally to breast cancer.  The boy carried with him the persistent heartache of watching his mother suffer and weak from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  He experienced denial, disbelief, shock and anger. He often lacked a sense of belonging and acceptance because Sally "looked different" than the other moms at soccer practice and could not always attend school programs, games, etc.  Sally too carried a persistent heartache - not knowing who would give her sons hope, love, encouragement and a strategy to live should she pass.

Later in life the boy, now a man met a little boy named Hossany, an eight-year-old whose mother had recently died of cancer.  They formed an instant bond and the man made a promise to spend a few hours each month with Hossany – playing, talking and most of all listening.  As time passed, Hossany became more comfortable speaking about his mother and the “hole” he had in his heart since she had passed.  Eventually he was able to talk about her with a smile on his face, knowing that like his friend, he would one day be a grown man who still remembered his mother and the joy she brought to his life.  Over time, Hossany’s heart began to heal and lighten…

Today the man (see picture left, with Hossany), mentors other children of parents with cancer in effort to ease their pain by providing friendship and compassion, and answering common questions such as:  Will I get cancer too?  Was it my fault?  Where will I live?  Through his friendship with Hossany, and his commitment to reach more children through mentorship, Walk With Sally was born.

Sally Jane, February 6, 1984
Santa Cruz, California
Son of Sally mentoring a young boy that recently lost his mother to breast cancer.

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