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Walk With Sally, a 501©3 public benefit corporation, is dedicated to providing mentoring support programs and services to children of parents or siblings with cancer – one child at a time, one heart at a time.

The Walk With Sally programs and services are dedicated to helping children successfully cope with the emotional trauma of a parent's or sibling's cancer.  The following programs and services are entirely FREE and available to all children between the ages of 7-17.

Mentoring Support Programs

Mentoring Program – The mentoring program is the cornerstone program of Walk With Sally. The focus is to match and create meaningful one-on-one mentoring relationships (“friendships”) between children and adults. At Walk With Sally, the mentoring relationship is referred to as a “Friendship.” The child in the “Friendship” is living, lived with or lost a parent/sibling to cancer. The adult in the “Friendship” lived with or lost a parent/sibling to cancer in their lifetime or is a cancer survivor. The mentor and mentee must commit to each other for a minimum of 1 year. The hours shared together are 6-8 hours per month. Mentors and mentees must successfully complete an application, interview and background checks.

HeART to Home – This program is designed to assist children ages 5-17 who have experienced the death of their sibling or parent due to Cancer. Trained facilitators travel to the child’s home to provide an expressive arts program over 8 sessions. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for children to explore their feelings through the expressive arts and help them develop skills to cope with their grief and loss in safe and healthy ways.

Molly’s Corner Program for Newly Diagnosed Parents – This program is designed for children under 7 who are not old enough to participate in our mentor program, but are still coping with a family member having Cancer. Hope and healing are shared through the use of books for family and children. Books are age-appropriate and most are considered bibliotherapy in nature. Special books are also available for parents such as those related to grief and loss, and books that help to “break the news” about their cancer diagnosis to their children for the very first time.

Presents for Parents Program - This program is designed to give the children in our Walk With Sally programs the access to “buy” a present for their parent, whether the parent is a Cancer survivor, are still dealing with Cancer or have died. Presents are free for children to independently select in our Walk With Sally “Presents for Parents” store. This program provides the child with many opportunities including: the chance to give back to their parents, the chance to foster commemoration of a parent that has passed away, and the opportunity to empower the child that they can contribute a symbol of joy, nurturance and love to their mother or father.

Match Day Gift Program – This program provides an individualized gift to each new mentee in the Walk With Sally mentoring program. It is presented to the mentee on their special “Match Day” with their new mentor. Books and toys are given, as well as possible items that help foster the mentee’s specific interests or hobbies.

Temporary Family Support Program – This program provides financial assistance to Walk With Sally families experiencing economic hardship. The financial support is given to families that meet the criteria. The financial support is intended to help Walk With Sally families focus on their health and recovery instead of worrying about paying rent, bills, gas, food, medical supplies and utilities for a short period of time. The goal is to reduce the financial stresses of daily living in order to increase the mental and physical fight towards recovery, hope and healing.

Friendship Activity Program – This program is a key component within the mentoring program. Walk With Sally hosts quarterly group “friendship” activities with all the mentoring friendships and their families as well as prospective families. The goal is to create community and family among all participants of Walk With Sally. Examples of Friendship activities are whale watching, a day at the park or beach, visit to a horse stable in Santa Barbara, Disneyland, learn how to ice skate, attend Galaxy soccer game, kayaking, make ice cream, and much more! The activities are day-long events which require transportation, food and volunteers to help guide all participants. An annual “Under 7 Friendship activity” is also planned for the youngest members of our Walk With Sally Family that are not in our mentoring program due to their young age.

Kids Count Program
This is a partnership with Trinity Care Hospice/The Gathering Place and the Wellness Community. Kids Count is a program dedicated to children affected by extreme emotional trauma caused by cancer or other terminal conditions of a loved-one.

Young Adult Leadership Program (for mentee graduates)
Walk With Sally believes leadership skills can be acquired through practice. We believe leadership is a skill, ability, and competency that can be learned. The Young Adult Leadership Development Program, opened to all mentee graduates, teaches how to BE a leader, what you must KNOW, and what you must DO as a leader. The key elements are taught with a clear focus on HOW TO.

Pass-It-Forward Program
The pass-it-forward program provides Walk With Sally Friendships an opportunity to help other children and adults in need of support. Walk With Sally adopts a charity per year.

Mentoring Support Services

Mentor Matters Mentor Support Group
The mentor support group is facilitated by Walk With Sally’s Program Director. The purpose is to create an environment for new mentors to exchange ideas, stories and best practices. The support group enables mentors to decompress with their mentor cohort and learn new ways to interact with their mentee through enrichment activities.
Walk With Sally Welcome Session
The Walk With Sally Welcome session provides vital information about Walk With Sally programs and services to prospective donors, mentors, parents, volunteers, families, and community partners. The Walk With Sally Welcomes sessions are scheduled on the first Thursday evening of every month at the Walk With Sally office.

Mentor Training
The mentor training workshop is a 6-hour interactive training aimed at providing tools, information, policies and procedures in becoming an effective mentor. In addition, information and training about preventing and/or identifying child abuse, complying with emergency safety protocol as well as driver safety are very important aspects of the Mentor Training. Completion of the training is required before being matched with a child.

Weekly E-Activities for Mentors and Mentees
A comprehensive list of local, fun and community activities is emailed to all Friendships on a weekly basis. Most activities are “free or almost free.”

Mentor-for-the Day
Qualified individuals seeking to volunteer their time at a Friendship activity as a “mentor-for-the-day” has become a highly effective recruitment tool for future mentors and/or non-mentor volunteers as well as families.


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