A Growing Program, A Growing Need

Walk With Sally provides free mentoring, called “friendships,” to children of parents, guardians or siblings who have cancer or succumbed to cancer. We know it’s important to you that we invest your donation effectively.  That’s why we’re an open book, sharing our accountability and transparency.

A Year of Impact - 2019

Friendships supported
(up 6% since 2018)

41 New Friendships Created
102 Friendships Surpassed Their Critical First Year

High School Graduates

Each graduate has been a part of WWS on average 4.2 years.

1 %
of mentees and families

surveyed are
to recommend Walk With Sally to someone who needs support

Breadth of Support

Heart to Home

A program creating opportunities for artistic creative expression & healing among Friendships.

Participation up 24% since 2018

175 hours volunteered

Young Leadership Club

A Leadership & life-skills development program for High School aged mentees.

Community Activities

Two programs building a sense of community and connection around cancer.

Participation up 9% since 2018

182 Hours of Support Per Child

Each child has access to this annual support across all of our support programs including Heart to Home, Friendship Activities, Partner Activities, Young Leadership Club and their Individualized Mentoring.

$6000 Fred's Future Young Leaders Scholarship

Awarded to recent graduates of the Walk With Sally program to ease the financial burden of obtaining a secondary education.

Walk With Sally is dedicated to providing free mentoring programs and support services to children whose parents, guardians or siblings have cancer or succumbed to cancer.