August 25, 2021

Written by: Jen Tomo, Program Coordinator at Walk With Sally

Surf Day

We are proud to partner with The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation for our 6th annual Surf Day! On August 14th, 2021, our community came together IN PERSON to give our mentees and mentors a Walk With Sally tradition of memory making, healing and a chance to challenge themselves.

The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation uses ocean therapy in an adaptive surf program to assist individuals coping with mental and physical illness in accessing the ocean environment. The purpose of the program is to increase perceived self-efficacy in their participants, through engagement in physical activity in the ocean environment, specifically, the activity of surfing.

The Impact

Our community of mentees and mentors started with a circle discussion that embodied the theme of reconnecting. Reconnecting after a mostly virtual, isolating world that affected us all. We went around the circle and discussed the different ways we stay connected with our loved ones and ourselves. We then followed the discussion with a mindful yoga session and stretching to warm up our bodies and open our minds to the journey we were about to embark on. A surf lesson on land was given and then each pair (mentee and mentor) were given their own surf instructor and safety coordinator. It was so rewarding seeing the progress each surfer made throughout the day, the pride they expressed in their accomplishment and the excitement of the entire community, cheering each other on. We ended the day with lunch and a discussion about the goals we set at the beginning of the day and how proud we were to accomplish them.

We were thrilled to reconnect with our community in person, provide emotional support, give our mentees and mentors a chance to bond and experience something together. We are looking forward to bringing more experiences to our community and reconnect!