Happy National Mentoring Month – Cyndi & Cheyenne




January is National Mentoring Month!  Which means it’s the perfect time to honor the dedication and commitment our mentors make throughout the year.  Each of these individuals have been asked to commit at least one year to a child touched by cancer.  This is a big responsibility, but the impact it makes on the mentees in our program is truly life-changing.  Here is just one example…

Cyndi and Cheyenne were matched in August of 2014. After losing her mother to cancer, Cheyenne was forced to move to a new city.  The transition was tough on her, but with the support of her mentor she was able to adjust a little more easily.   Since their match, these two have formed quite a deep and special bond.  Throughout their time together, Cyndi has stayed committed to developing this friendship and as a result Cheyenne has become more confident and more social.  When asked about her mentor and her time in the program, here is what Cheyenne had to say:

Cyndi is loving and kindhearted, and takes the time to do small things for me.  I like that I have someone to talk to and I know she has my best interest in mind.  I love the time Cyndi and I spend getting to know each other, but I think the WWS event that I really grew from was the Ropes Course at Fulcrum Adventures. Cyndi helped me trust myself and believe that I could overcome my fears. 

Another memorable experience was the Bowl-A-Thon last year.  It was fun and it pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  I have always been afraid to act myself around a lot of people.  It was nerve racking performing with my team, but I felt really good afterward!

Thank you to Cyndi and all of our outstanding mentors!  If you are interested in making a difference and supporting a child like Cheyenne, then please get involved now.  Take that first step and become a mentor.