In Case You Missed It | Program August 2022



August 3, 2022

Surf Day

Walk With Sally partners with the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation to host 120 attendees including families, mentors, volunteers, Walk With Sally program staff, and Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation staff for its annual day at the beach. Children filled with anticipation watch surfing videos all week to prepare. The day opens with a discussion from a surf therapist to discuss mindfulness, gratitude, and coping skills for handling negative emotions. Then, each child and mentor meet with their instructors to enjoy a day filled with boogie boarding, yoga, surfing, and lunch provided by Jimmy John’s.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Our mentors and mentees spent a day at the Aquarium of the Pacific exploring the exhibits including sea otters, sea jellies, frogs, and more. It was a day for them to bond and experience the beauty of wildlife together.