A Letter from the Founder & CEO



Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to our incredible supporters!

Walk With Sally has been on a mission in 2015, growing our program and services to children impacted by cancer.  Despite the cancellation of White Light White Night 1.0 we were able to weather the storm, hitting major milestones, and continuing the tremendous expansion of our free mentoring program to help more kids throughout LA County.  A few highlights to note and places your support has enabled us to really make an impact in 2015:

We partnered with LA Unified School District and now from East LA to the Westside, we have more families than ever that need our services.  We added a new Spanish-speaking Program Coordinator to meet the demands and the demographics of our growing population in the Hispanic communities.  We updated our logo, marketing, and website to better connect with our supporters and to grow our Southern California outreach.  As a result of this growth, our need for more mentors has increased as well. We are also making our financials more accessible and easy to read on the website.  Check out our FAQ and transparency pages, as well as our updated guide star profile.

Lastly, I want you to know that Walk With Sally is and will continue to be one child at a time.  Managing fifty-two friendships is an important responsibility, and we understand that Cancer changes everything.  We are committed to making these friendships last a lifetime while our Program Team offers a lifeline of financial support, resources and friendship activities to create a bigger community.

As you gather together over the holidays with family and friends, pat yourselves on the back and give gratitude for all we have.  Thank you for making Walk With Sally, impactful, dynamic, and ready for big things in 2016.

My deepest thank you for your continued support,

Nick Arquette
Walk With Sally