A Match’s Perspective…



Gigi and Erin have been matched for over a year, and it has been a privilege for Walk With Sally to see this friendship grow.  Their match began out of tragedy and resilience, and has continued to flourish ever since.  When Gigi was just three years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She battled the illness until she passed away in 2012.  Erin, a cancer breast cancer survivor, was able to provide Gigi with support and be an outlet to talk about her fears and dreams.  Last year, Gigi experienced another devastating loss when her sister passed away from a genetic disorder.  We asked Gigi, Erin, and Gigi’s Dad about their perspective on the match and this is what they had to say…

“Gigi really looks forward to her time with Erin. It is clear to me that Gigi yearns for “motherly” interaction to help fill the giant void in her heart & that Erin is a big part of filling that gap (along with Geneva’s Aunts, who also contribute as much as they can.” – Gigi’s Dad

“Walk With Sally has made me feel like I finally have a say in this world.  When I lost my mother to Stage 4 breast cancer I felt lost and alone.  I was paired up with Erin in 2014 and I have felt like I have a motherly figure standing in her place and I’m so grateful for that! Erin and I do so many things like shopping, movies, or just go out for lunch to talk! I feel so blessed to have had such a strong connection with someone so helpful and caring! Erin knows just what to say to either make me laugh, smile, or just plain cry (which is sometimes desperately needed!) When my sister Sofia passed away of Trisomy 13, she was kind and caring and helpful. She was just the friend I needed and I am so grateful for the new and incredible friendship I have with my friend, mentor, and loving parent! Thank you Walk With Sally for giving me something I will always cherish!”  – Gigi, Mentee

“In just a little over a year my friendship with Gigi continues to be one of the bright spots in my life.  Gigi and I have walked through both good and bad times together and I consider myself fortunate that I was able to be there for each and every one. I am constantly filled with awe and gratitude as I witness her handle things with her grace and resilience. By far, the best part of our friendship, though, is the laughter. Gigi makes me laugh the true laugh that lifts your spirit. She is quick witted, extremely smart and a great navigator!  Because I am constantly getting lost Gigi is my personal GPS and always gets me to where we need to be, eventually.  I hope the two of us will continue to walk the he same path together for a long time to come.  I want to be her GPS through life because it’s through giving that I receive much, much more.” – Erin, Mentor