The Absolute JOY of giving.



A lot happens when you give a gift. We aren’t just giving a materialistic thing.


Many times, we we are giving experiences. Some of these monetary or “materialistic” donations create opportunity, friendship, and the ability to pursue passions.


By giving hiking boots, you can give the gift of the outdoors and nature. A tablet can be the gift of learning to code, which gives an amazing opportunity for a future career.


At Walk With Sally, we believe that we and our community gives many gifts, and you can give these gifts too. We give the gifts of, opportunity, friendship, and community.



When cancer hits home, a lot of energy goes to the healing and wellbeing of the ill family member. Sometimes we sacrifice our own health (staying up late at the hospital and eating fast food) in order to help our loved ones.

We can also sacrifice time and money that would have been spent on hobbies. For children these hobbies can become careers, and they can miss out on some valuable opportunities. With individualized attention from our Mentorship Program, and maybe some financial assistance with our Temporary Family Support program, these children can then build on their strengths, and focus on their future. When a child has a Mentor, you give the gift of Opportunity.


dsc_0378 Friendship

WWS sets up meaningful relationships that develop into lifelong friendships. Each smile, laugh, breakdown, and life experience brings the Mentor and Mentee brings them together. By becoming a part of Walk With Sally, you give the gift of Friendship.




Cancer can be isolating by nature. The patient and family are going through an experience they’ve never seen before. There are is manners, etiquette, or common knowledge to follow. WWS brings together a community that understands what each other is facing, and is there to help. When we come together at Friendship Activities, the mentees, mentors, and families realize they are not alone. By helping with our Friendship Activities, you give the gift of Community.


There are many ways to give. We appreciate your support whether it is your time, materials, or donation. Thank you for giving.