Adventure + Zen



Paddle boards, bounce-house waterslides, art, and meditation. Sounds like the ideal day, no?


Our last Friendship Activity hosted at the Bay Club Redondo Beach was an absolute perfect balance, the yin and yang of how we should live our lives.


The ocean has always signified that balance of joy, calm, adventure, fear, conquest, and overall respect for Mother Nature. We paddle-boarded in the Marina, mentees and mentors trickling down the boat lanes as the sound of water gently lapped on the deck. The sun warmed our (adequately-sunscreened) skin, as we zipped up our lifejackets headed down the water path, and eventually returned to the same dock. (Where we then reapplied sunscreen.)


A giant bounce-house waterslide took the main stage as mentees took turns holding hands and rushing down a 30-foot water slide. Their screams and laughter filled the air, as they then made the slippery climb back to the top for “just one more”.


When kids did take the time to get food, they hustled over to Marcus’s personal pizza station. You could smell the cheese and dough baking all the way down by the docks.


Beneath the shade of some canopies, Drica lead an art activity. Conversations drifted across the tables as each person’s blank canvas became their own colorful creation.


To close out our active day, we sat in our closing circle and learned about ujjayi breath from our family yoga-instructor. The children were surprisingly quiet, as only the sound of breathing (and perhaps the sounds of unwrapping lolli-pops) filled the air.


Everyone left to go home a little tired, sun-kissed, satisfied and happy. As mentees, mentors and families walked out to their cars, we couldn’t help but thinking what a perfect day it really was. We are so grateful to be able to share it with you.


We’ll see you at the next Friendship Activity. Bring your smiles, peace, and love.