Because of You, Manhattan Beach Toyota



This past December Manhattan Beach Toyota Stood Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year. So where are Luis and Daniel now?


Since their match in January, Luis and Daniel have enjoyed some good times and a little relief from the anxiety at home. Unfortunately Daniel’s mom has gone through another surgery and is experiencing a lot of side effects from the treatment. Daniel has been there to help her around and luckily has had Luis to lean on along the way.

Luis has offered him the chance to get out of the house and visit the Renaissance Fair as well as enjoy an Archery session in Pasadena. They have also spent time cooking together and developing Daniel’s interest to become a chef!

We are hoping for all the best for Daniel and his mother and look forward to seeing Daniel and Luis at the next
Friendship Activity.


Because you stood up, you continue to be a part of Luis and Daniel’s journey.
See you when they hit their 1 year!