Because of You Sharon Strauss!



Thank You Sharon!

Because of YOUR willingness to Stand Up For a Friendship to support a new Walk With Sally match through it’s first critical year, we were able to match Pragnya & Crystal on March 26, 2018.  ​​​​

Pragnya & Crystal

Crystal is 13 years old and her mom, Roxanna, is battling breast cancer. She has seen both her mom and brother battle depression and has had to grow up all too quickly. Through this experience, Crystal is determined to find peace within herself and hopes to have a mentor she can count on to be there for her.

Pragnya understands the difficulty of taking on the care-taker role as she did during her mom’s battle with terminal brain cancer. Pragnya has entered Crystal’s life with love and compassion. With a background as a sanitation engineer in developing countries, she hopes to foster Crystal’s interests in engineering, while supporting her through this challenging journey. It’s working! Crystal is already starting to open up and shared, “Our friendship has truly helped me emotionally.” Pragnya has helped Crystal where she thought no one could.

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of this friendship and their journey. See you in 6 months! -The Walk With Sally Team