Because of You Tina Patel



Thank You Tina!

Because of YOUR willingness to Stand Up For a Friendship to support a new Walk With Sally match through it’s first critical year, we were able to match Ana & Abigail on February 3, 2018.  ​​

Ana & Abby

Abigail (aka Abby) lost her mom to lung cancer on September 5, 2017. Abby is 10. As the oldest in her family, she grew up very quickly caring for her siblings and the home as her mother fought. Abby is a passionate young lady who loves animals and wants to become a pediatrician when she grows up, but she is having a hard time coping with the loss of her mother.

Ana always wanted to have a positive influence on a younger person’s life. She understands what it means to experience the pain and fear of seeing someone you love fight and lose their battle with cancer. Ana’s mom lost that battle six years ago. As Abby navigates the roller coaster of grief and changes in life and body, Ana is able to give her advice and provide a calm space. Since Abby already feels most comfortable sharing with Ana, we know their bond is strengthening every day.

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of this friendship and their journey. See you in 6 months! -The Walk With Sally Team