Become a Mentor: Kenny’s Story



This year has been filled with new mentors and new matches, but as we expand the program the need for mentors grows.  We currently have 15 kids across Los Angeles and Orange County, just waiting to be matched.  If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, then I encourage you to get involved in the New Year! The below story is just one of many…

Kenny is 11 years old and is located in the downtown Los Angeles area.  He was referred to us by his school counselor.  Kenny has had a hard time dealing with his dad’s terminal diagnosis.  His mother has been very busy being the primary caregiver to his dad and siblings, and his two twin brothers have been relying on each other for support.  Kenny is quiet and sweet boy, with a love of Old Westerns.  He feels alone and isolated and could benefit from a mentor who can give him the attention he needs.