Building Friendships + Gingerbread Houses



This last Sunday, we spent the afternoon surrounded by icing, gingerbread, and so many treats it’s hard to keep track (sugar-rushes are okay during the holidays, right?).


Santa made a guest appearance, along with mentors, mentees, mentors-in-waiting, and mentees who have yet to meet their match.


Constructing a Gingerbread House is similar to constructing a Friendship. You start with the basics- names, favorite colors, foods, and icebreaker games.


Then, you get to the good part. You start decorating. Once the foundation is laid down, icing and candies start to adorn the house and make it a home. Different memories and time spent together make the friendship flourish into a beautiful relationship.


We are so thankful to have our 80 friendships in Walk With Sally. They flooded our room at The Bay Club South Bay, as the Helpful SoCal Honda Dealers crew distributed Dominos Pizza to any hungry belly. If anyone was remotely unsatisfied, Jersey Mike’s would supplement with a delicious sandwich.


Yogurtland tackled any sweet-tooth with yogurt and any topping the kids (and adults) desired. All the gingerbread house candy isn’t enough around the holidays, and we needed that extra treat.


Santa told us what the kids wanted this year, and responses included the following:

  • An iPad so I can play Chimera with my brother.
  • A purple sweater!
  • I want my mom to smile on Christmas this year.


With the generosity of so many individuals and organizations, the holidays were truly a little bit brighter on Gingerbread Day.


We are so thankful these local businesses give their time and resources to our community. The children’s smiling faces, as always, bring us back to why Walk With Sally is here.


Thank you so much for sharing and growing in our laughter, tears, and love this year. We are grateful to have each and every one of you.