Celebrating Mothers Day and Mentoring with Lexi!






WWS Staff: “Who is your Sally?”

Lexi: My Sally is my mom, Karen “KC” Opper J

WWS Staff: “How do you get through difficult holidays like birthdays? mothers day? Without your mother?”

Lexi: When dealing with loss, I think we expect that days like these can be the hardest. And some times, they can be. But after my mom passed away, the big milestones or special events that I had feared would be most difficult without her, were the days that I was surrounded by the most love, support, and kindness. I can now feel my mom’s presence with me on days like these from the countless messages, calls or visits that I get from the people who miss her just as much as I do. And this year is no different, I will join friends tonight at Baskin Robbins to get her favorite dessert (one scoop Mint Chip, one scoop Jamoca) as today would be my mom’s 62nd birthday!

WWS Staff: “Describe your match day” 

Lexi: Meeting Fatima reminded me of how fun it is to be a kid. She was giggly, talkative, and really excited to learn more about one another. Fatima is wise beyond her years – a very bright 13 year old! Her family welcomed me into their home with open arms. There was an instant level of comfort that we all shared that day. Fatima’s mother, Flora, is currently battling cancer, but her smile made the room glow and lifted up the whole family.

WWS Staff: “What is your favorite quote”

Lexi: “Hakuna Matata”

WWS Staff: “Why did you decide to volunteer at Walk With Sally?”

Lexi: One of my oldest and dearest friends, Lindsay, told me about Walk With Sally and thought it would be good for us to join together. After we did our orientation, we both raved about how excited we were to get started. I know both of our moms would be thrilled for us that we’ve found such a special bond with our mentees.

WWS Staff: “What has been your highlight while volunteering at WWS?”

Lexi: Bowling with “Team Virgen” at the Friendship Bowl has been a stand out moment for me. All of the Virgen mentors (myself, Dustin and Ashley) took the 3 kids (Fatima, Ariel, and Camila) out to the Friendship Bowl. We bowled, ate LOTS of pizza, moonwalked on the bowling alley floor and ended with a birthday surprise for Camila from her mentor Ashley! Her face was priceless

WWS Staff: “Advice you would give to someone considering volunteering with Walk With Sally?”

Lexi: Just do it! You won’t regret it. There will always time in your month to help others. And you’ll be surprised how even a dark word like “cancer” can connect people and bring them light.