Creating A Future Filled With Hope: Liam’s Story

Mentor and Mentee Friendship Brian and Liam together with his mom and breast cancer survivor Betsy



Liam was just a young teenager when he found out about his mom’s breast cancer diagnosis and he found himself continuing to listen to the voice in his head reassuring him that she would be fine, listening to that voice giving him hope.

Mentor and Mentee Friendship Brian and Liam from Los Angeles based charity Walk With Sally

In June of 2017, he was matched with Brian and the hope continued. Liam says that his mentor has offered him an escape. “Surfing with him every Sunday morning was like an escape from reality. Catching waves with him was a moment of pure bliss – a feeling I did not feel often before joining the program.” Over the last two and a half years, Liam and his mentor Brian, have been fixtures inside of Walk With Sally, often times participating in various activities and joining things like the Young Leadership Club as a way to give back. “Giving back is so important to me because Walk With Sally has done so much for me.”

Walk With Sally mentee Liam volunteering at a special event in Redondo Beach near Los Angeles

The Young Leadership Club (YLC) was the perfect place for Liam inside of Walk With Sally. He’s able to volunteer at events, help other kids who, like him, are learning how to have a “normal” life when cancer hits home. Thanks to the YLC and his extremely supportive community, he’s focused on his future, learning about career opportunities and interview tips through their regular meetings. He even hopes to be one of the lucky recipients of our Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship when he heads off to college. The Walk With Sally community of support has given him hope for the future!


If you or anyone you know have been impacted by breast cancer and want to learn more about enrolling a child in the Walk With Sally program, please feel free to call our office at 310-322-3900.


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