Faces of Sally – Jeric & Avery’s Friendship



Faces of Sally – Jeric & Avery’s Friendship

I lost my mom to cancer three years ago. It was a challenging experience.

That’s why when I heard about Walk With Sally, I knew I wanted to be there for a child who had experienced that kind of loss.

Ten-year-old Avery also lost a loved one to cancer – his dad – and has been my match for almost a year now! We love to talk engineering and have fun together at Walk With Sally events.

And while we’re both feeling a little down during the holidays because we miss our loved ones, I feel great about supporting Avery and noticed he’s started to open up to me more about his dad.

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Jeric & Avery’s Video

Avery: “Hi, my name is Avery and my mentor’s name is Jeric. And we’ve been matched for almost a year.”

Interviewer: “What does it mean to you to have Jeric as a mentor?”

Avery: “Um, it has been meant to be, for Jeric to be in my life because he helps take my mind off my dad and he shares knowledge about aerospace, engineering, and aviation.”

Avery’s mom: “Being with Walk With Sally helps my kids to have a good male role model, and also have fun!”

Avery: “Please support more kids like me!”