Flexible, Fit, and Happy… at Happy Hour.



Walk With Sally and FTK Social Club are hosting a Healthy Happy Hour called Yoga + Beer on December 10th at Dudes’ Brewing Co in Torrance with the help of our friends at the Extraordinary Life Project.

We are thrilled to have inspirational speaker Chelsea Lloyd, yoga with Samantha, delicious cold beers, and prizes come together to make a perfect afternoon.

However, if you and your friends need even more convincing, I’m summoning my mother’s words and reiterating “it’s good for you”. Yes, my friends. Both yoga and beer!

The Osteoporosis Foundation encourages yoga to:

  • ease chronic pain
  • increase flexibility
  • tone, improve energy levels
  • improve circulatory health
  • prevent injury

Various studies found the following healthy, yet sometimes wacky benefits of beer:

  • decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • boost creativity and confidence
  • less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
  • decreased risk of kidney stones
  • antioxidants that help fight cataracts
  • quicker recovery after exercise (like yoga)

Mind you, this is if you have one or two drinks per day. Everything in moderation. Feel free to join us for just yoga (at 10:30am), or just beer (at noon).

We’ll see you there! RSVP here!

Feel free to invite anyone 21+ as well— the more the merrier… and sweatier.   😉

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