Grief in all it’s Glory



Grief isn’t comfortable. It is not something we like to talk about as adults, let alone talk about with children.


Unfortunately, grief is a reality for a lot of children. November 17th is Children’s Grief Awareness Day, and we wanted to take the time at Walk With Sally to explain all that grief is.


Grief is…


Normal – When we lose someone, we feel it. It affects us in a variety of ways, and sometimes we struggle. That’s okay. That’s even good.


Cyclical – We fall, we rise, fall again, rise again. Some days are harder than others. Most days are great, and then one will sideswipe you and knock you on your feet again. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t better days yet to come.


Honest – Society and social media has us thinking we are all rainbows, smiles, hot, chocolates, and happiness. We are. But we are also bad hair days, a little rain, and tears. Lots and lots of tears. Grief is honest. It’s facing the uncomfortable truth for the first, second, thousandth time.


Unique – Grief looks different on all of us. We all deal with our emotions with different methods.


Shared – We all go through it at some point. It is inherent to living, which is such a beautiful thing to do. Here at Walk With Sally, we face grief together one step at a time.