Hey there, pretty Mamas!



Betty & Betsy

This is dedicated to the woman who gave you life, carried you around for 9 months, and to this day probably calls just to check in around 50 times a day. She always does her best for you, which seems to surpass the capabilities of any normal human being.


A lot of us in this community have mothers with an added superpower, because the wonder woman they are just wasn’t enough. They are caretakers, patients, and survivors of cancer.

As caretakers, mothers seem to have an innate ability to demand the best care for their loved ones. Why? Because nothing is more terrifying than Mama Bear who thinks her cub is in danger. She charges the fluorescent hospital hallways with binders of information beneath her arms, and uses medical jargon that has others mistaking her for an RN.

As patients, mothers manage to put their loved ones before themselves. Even though she may be in pain, fatigued, or sick, she has tabs on what her family needs. She is excited for your soccer game even though she can’t make it, and it is a very real possibility she may have asked another parent to film it.

As survivors, mothers inspire us. We wonder how she did it all, and she truly is a magical person. She is living proof of strength and grace.

Some of us have had mothers pass away. It is by no means fair, but how lucky we were to have her! We strive to honor her memory and do good by her. We can see her smile, hear her laugh, and feel her love throughout our lives. It is through this love that Walk With Sally began, and Sally is still here today, providing so much love and support through each friendship.

The mothers in our community are responsible for a large number of our mentees participating in Walk With Sally. They know what their child needs, and they get it for them. If they cannot provide something themselves, they find another way to get it for us.

Thank you, mothers. You are incredible, fierce, and irreplaceable. We love you.