How To Find Out If You Carry The BRCA Mutation



Written by: Chelsea London Lloyd, Walk With Sally Mentor 

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Walk With Sally is proud to have mentors like, Chelsea, who have a deep passion for helping others within the cancer community. We are highlighting her recent blog from Dying of Laughter. Read up on How to Find Out if You Carry the BRCA (breast cancer gene) Mutation.

Do you have the “breast cancer gene?”

Roughly 1 in 400 women (and roughly 1 in 40 healthy Jewish women) have the BRCA mutation and yet far too few people are aware of what this even is. While I’m not about sounding an alarm for the sake of it, I am about spreading awareness so that we can arm ourselves with knowledge about our genetics, our bodies, and our health. I spoke with Erica Silver who has all the answers here… I cannot say enough how passionate I am about this / how important it is to know what this gene represents!

Also featured this month includes Shelley Buck, who opens up about losing her son in a car accident after battling cancer the year her husband, Chris Buck, won the Oscar for Co-Directing Frozen. Industry podcast darling Audrey Moore (IPD…is that a thing? Can it be?) opens about her personal story of losing her dad and brother; a beautiful reflection on addiction & cancer…huge fan of her own podcast, Audrey Helps Actors — a must! Oh, and I talked to the other side (and my dad) with medium Natalie Miles. Talking about my dad during these interviews is common for me, but having him pop into one? Definitely a first!

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As loss + grief continues to permeate the landscape of our world, I hope you will take a moment to learn more about BRCA, find out what it is, and if proceeding with genetic counseling is a fit for you. So thrilled to have Erica L. Silver MS, LCGC explain it in detail who, by the way, was the special guest speaker at my podcast launch party last year! Please join me in the continuation of these sharings in my bi-monthly Dying of Laughter Newsletter. Perhaps you have lost someone, or know someone who has lost someone, and perhaps you may find a story here similar to your / their own….. I’d so appreciate if you could forward this onto someone who has. They can also sign up for the newsletter HERE. If listening is your jam, you can listen to the podcast episode with Genetics Counselor Erica Silver HERE or other episodes HERE. @_chelswhoelse_


Chelsea London Lloyd