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What does a Friendship mean to a child?

On January 11th, “I Am A Mentor” Day, our 2018 Mentors of the Year Marlo and Brian shared a bit about their experience being a mentor. In honor of #ThankYourMentor Day, we asked their mentees, Kristina and Liam, to share what their Friendships mean to them!

Kristina’s Mentee Experience

When I first met Marlo, it was very evident that we had a lot in common. We both love to do new things whether it’s going on a new hiking trail or trying a new food place. Being that we both love food, trying new places is one of our favorite activities. We also love to go down to the beach, where we ride bikes, go to the festivals, and sometimes just walk along the strand. Since the day we met, Marlo has always been there to support me at my games, talk about boys, drama at school, and to just simply have a good time together. Having someone who I have so much in common with, along with being extremely supportive is truly a blessing. Anytime we are together no matter what we do, we always have a good time, cracking jokes and enjoying each other’s presence. Having such an amazing mentor means the world to me because it provides me with the supportive woman figure that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Marlo has taught me that I’m never alone and that I can always counter on her if I ever need anything. Overall I would like to thank Marlo for everything she has done and continues to do for me, along with Walk With Sally who make all these amazing friendships including mine possible. Thank you.

– Kristina, Age 16, Matched with Marlo on February 27, 2017

Photo of Mentor Marlo with Mentee Kristina

Liam’s Mentee Experience

The typical ways to find friends would be through hobbies, at work, school, or other interests. I found Brian through my mom’s cancer. Brian was paired with me and his role was to be a mentor through the Walk with Sally program. I don’t see him as a mentor. While he does carry qualities that could make him be perceived as a mentor, I see him as a good friend. Brian has been there for me as a role model, as a friend, and most importantly, someone to go surfing with. Brian has been there for me through a difficult time in my life and he has been supportive of me in whatever I do. He has taken interest in my love for music, and he even gave me his old saxophone that I use at school every day.

Brian has taught me how to be a better person. He is always kind and is able to put up with a difficult 15 year old.

Brian and I both have adventurous personalities. Not too long ago, we went to “Del Cerro Park” in Palos Verdes, a popular hiking spot with a scenic view of the beach. Brian and I typically go surfing together, and we plan to go see a Laker game sometime in the future.

Brian has helped me cope with my mom’s cancer and the absence of a father in my life. He was in a similar situation while he was growing up. Brian has given me advice about how to go about life with my circumstances and how to be the best person at all times.

I am so grateful of the impact Brian has had on my life, and I look forward to spending more time with him in the future.

– Liam, Age 15, Matched with Brian on June 6, 2017

Photo of Mentor Brian and Mentee Liam


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