Increase Your Serotonin Levels with a Charitable Mindset



Written By: Grace St. Clair, WWS Advisory Board Member

Charitable Giving is SOOOOOO Good For You:

Have you ever thought you should be more charitable?  Did you make that your New Year’s Resolution for 2021?  Do you believe that helping others is a great way to create more happiness?  Studies have shown that being more charitable will increase your serotonin levels which could help you fight off disease.  Who knew doing something so simple could have such tremendous health effects????

Increase Your Serotonin Levels

Pursuing “nonpharmacologic” methods of increasing serotonin arises from the understanding that happiness and well-being are important, both as factors protecting against mental and physical disorders and in their own right.   Conversely, negative moods are associated with negative outcomes. Hostility is a risk factor for many health disorders.  One can’t be hostile when one gives to another.  A rush of serotonin takes place when you receive that hug, whether actual or virtual and “happiness” flows to your brain.   And, if you knew this giving mindset could help your heart from disease, increase your mental health and stave off cancer instead of just making you feel good, wouldn’t you do more of it?  Well, It does!

Enter Walk With Sally

What about charitable giving creates benefits to your community and makes it “happier” to live?  Walk With Sally (WWS) is a bridge between families suffering from a cancer diagnosis and the help they need.  WWS pairs a child whose parent, guardian, or sibling have a cancer diagnosis, with a Mentor who has been through a similar cancer experience.  When two people are helping each other, more happiness is created.  They often help ”heal” each other.  The bonds WWS creates between its Mentors and Mentees have continued for many years allowing for lasting learning and lasting relationships.  It’s a Win-Win!

Sick of paying taxes? 

Taking a little bit from Uncle Sam to contribute to charity is legal.  It helps the government provide services which it is not equipped to provide. So, the tax code encourages us to complete charitable giving by offering a tax deduction. Uncle Sam supports your giving mindset — Another Win-Win! 

Let’s Review Increasing Serotonin Levels

By having a giving mindset, you increase your serotonin levels, enjoy a “high” that is legal, create more health in YOUR life, while making your community a “happier” place — AND you get a tax deduction?  WHAT COULD BE MORE NATURAL? It’s a no-brainer!