Let’s Get Social!



We like to have a good time doing good. And you should join us!

FTK Social Club is a group of young and young-at-heart professionals who like to #partywithapurpose. What does FTK mean? It’s an easy way to explain that you are doing it For The Kids impacted by cancer.

Our events are just like us- fun, young-hearted, inspirational, and purposeful. All the funds generated from these events go back to Walk With Sally. But more importantly, we create a community, friendships, and positive experiences.

Join the party planners!

We are looking for party people who want to join our FTK Executive Committee! We meet once a month over drinks to plan and execute quarterly events that inspire fun and friendship. It’s great networking, looks good on a resume, and did we mention we’ll have fun? Meet the fierce lineup that is the 2017 FTK Executive Committee!

Our next event…

See what we are all about on February 23rd, as we listen to live music, play Singled Out (if you remember MTV’s 90s dating show, get excited), and boogie all night long. Check it out on Facebook, and RSVP!

Join Now!