Mentorship Spotlight: Meet Danny + Bryan



Mentorships & Friendships: Creating Hope In Spite of Cancer

Meet Bryan & Danny:

Danny is 11 years old and four years ago he lost his mom to stomach cancer.  He’s now living with his older sister and typically keeps to himself in his room, oftentimes alone in the apartment they share.  Danny’s sister found out about Walk With Sally and wanted to enroll him to help him come out of his shell and so he could have a male role model in his life.  On March 21st of this year, Danny was matched with his mentor, Bryan.  It’s taken some time for Danny to open up, but earlier this month on their way to Walk With Sally’s Ice Skating Friendship Activity, Danny started to do just that. He didn’t stop talking the entire 45 minute ride to the event. Thanks to Bryan’s dedication to “just showing up”, Danny now has that safe relationship where he feels comfortable opening up.

This is why mentoring is important.
Your donation will help more kids like Danny find the support they need when cancer hits home.

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