Nancy and Ashley



Ashley, her sister Ruth and her mom Erica live in Santa Ana. Erica is battling breast cancer and besides healing, has wanted nothing more than for Walk With Sally to match her two daughters with a mentor each. We were able to do this in March with a double match!

Nancy and Ashley have seen each other once a week since they met and Ashley has been keeping in touch with Nancy about her mother’s condition all the while. Nancy has exposed Ashley to Vietnamese food, dim sum and taught her to use chopsticks and paint her own nails so she is ready when she is old enough to date.

After Nancy’s mother was told her cancer had come back, she realized this when she joined Walk With Sally in December: “I thought that I would be the mentor and that I would be the one to help some little girl go through her mom’s illness. Never in my life would I think that the girl would be sent TO ME to help ME go through my mom’s illness. It’s really ironic how life works out sometimes. But I’ll take it.”