Pink Prevention



As pink pops into our lives this time of year, remember the reason for this season.


Breast cancer affects a large amount of people in the United States. Thankfully fatal cases are dwindling due to early detection and advanced, tailored treatment plans.


So as you see, wear, and support the pink, remember to put it into action.


Here are real steps you can take to survive a potential prognosis, and avoid that c-word altogether.


  1. Monthly Breast Exam. Make like Nike and just do it. Put in place reminders to show yourself some love each month. Set a timer, calendar reminder or download an app like B4BC. The best way to treat breast cancer is to catch and detect it in it’s early stages. Ask a doctor about anything that seems weird or has changed. See a doctor ASAP if a lump is hard like a peanut, is not sore or sensitive, or getting bigger quickly. It never hurts to ask, but also don’t make yourself crazy either. 😉
  2. Exercise Eat Right, & Maintain a Healthy Body Weight. These are all correlated, but it is important that you do all three. You can be a fitness guru but eat terribly. You can never move a muscle, but still be in a healthy BMI range. WE DON’T WANT THAT. Exercise (as little as 1.25 hours per week) can decrease your risk for breast cancer by nearly 20%, maybe more. Higher blood sugar levels from a poor diet are linked to not only breast cancer, but other cancers as well. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the amount of estrogen in your system, which unregulated high levels can lead to breast cancer. So do all three.
  3. De-Toxify your Home. While some studies have come back inconclusive about chemicals in the home like antiperspirants, it is true that being in contact with harsh chemicals is not good for you. Plastics like PCB contain estrogen-like substances, which when unregulated in the body can be linked to breast cancer. So maybe some glass and milder cleaners or bleach substitutes can make your home a little healthier.
  4. Don’t Smoke & Limit Alcohol Consumption. Plain and simple. These things are poison that we put into our bodies. We understand the advantages of a glass of red wine here and there, but health is overall much better will less tobacco and alcohol going into the body.


Most importantly, enjoy your life. Surround yourself by loves ones and people who truly care for you. They can remind you to do your breast exam, dine with you at the latest health restaurant, join you for a walk around the block, help make vinegar solution to replace bleach, and inspire you to be a happier, healthier you.