Sand OR Snow?



What would you choose?

Are you going to lounge by a cabana with a Pina Colada, or cuddle up in the lodge with a Hot Toddy?  Let’s take a closer look at the reasons we choose a bikini and boardshorts or snowsuit and scarf…

We are having a Sand OR Snow opportunity drawing, where you have the potential to win a vacation in either Playa Del Carmen (sand) or Whistler (snow). The decision is difficult because our minds love both. We are essentially choosing between two different types of water.

Whether we are surfing or carving down a mountain, our minds love water (and snow) from a biological, historical, and psychological standpoint. We are trained to associate water with life, and consequentially peace, ease and tranquility. Survival isn’t an issue, and our minds are free to wander, love, and find stillness.

Sally, our founder’s mother, believed in the healing power of white and the healing properties of the ocean. Water is a vital part of recovery for many, and we at Walk With Sally believe in its beauty and power. And we aren’t alone in finding spirituality in expansive landscapes that involve some form of water- clouds, lakes, or summits.

Blue Mind by Wallace J Nichols delves into every possible science, study, and research to explain why we feel elated even just being close to water. If you are feeling a bit nerdy, I definitely recommend this read. If you are feeling a little lazy, but still curious, check out Intertia’s book review (you Clifnotes wiz, you!).

Our juxtaposition to the most expansive body of water should make us experts on this topic. If nothing else, we should delve into the healing power of water. So the choice is yours- Sand OR Snow?