Show Us Some SOUL



Out of your saddle! It is time to get up, move, and PEDAL.


Walk With Sally is joining the the #soulcyclecult, and we are STOKED about it. On October 18th and October 20th at 6:30pm you can join us at Soul Cycle (The Point) where proceeds from these classes benefit Walk With Sally.


While some scoff at the latest and greatest fitness crazes, we cannot wait for our Cycle With Sally events. The class promotes health, passion, and a sense of community. Who rolls their eyes at that, you big bully?


The benefits of exercise are inherent have always been obvious. Even in the 1820s Physical Education was a class. Recently fitness has become a huge part of our American (or maybe Californian is more like it) culture as we try to reverse obesity rates and live healthier lifestyles.


Sharing these workouts creates a wonderful community. At times the name of the game is competition, and other times support. Both are found in Soul Cycle, but for Michelle Lepp, there were also the elements of therapy and strength as she battled cancer at 28.


Michelle “found [herself] with tears streaming down [her] face during a class” because she felt powerful and a strong connection to those riding with her. The instructor was a “lymphoma survivor like me and watching her ride, I could see my future. I could see that I will overcome this struggle and be a stronger person because of it”


Her story is powerful, and I encourage you to read it. So often with cancer we find our priorities reordered. It is a huge reminder that we should not “sweat the small stuff”.


We are here, and some of our bodies are healthy enough to go for it. So, LET’S RIDE! We’ll see you October 18th, 20th, or maybe both! Can’t wait to see your sweaty, smiling faces.