Social Community For A Great Cause



Written by: MacKenzie Paschen, WWS Social Club Member

Published by: Melissa Ostrowski

Let’s Get Social!

Are you feeling disconnected lately, or maybe detached from your community? Walk With Sally Social Club could be the bright light you’ve been looking for. Get back out there and support your community!

Volunteering with Walk With Sally Social Club can help bring comfort to the 20 and 30 somethings that have been feeling a little lost. In a year like 2020, you need opportunities to come together and be social for a great cause!

Social Club Makes Time To Volunteer

Walk With Sally’s largest annual fundraiser is White Light White Night. The event is instrumental in supporting Walk With Sally’s vision that no child impacted by cancer feels alone. In such a challenging time, the community’s responsibility to show up for the families and children are more important than ever. The Walk With Sally Social Club plays an invaluable role in that vision. Walk With Sally’s presence is felt within 55 cities. Through the dedicated staff and Social Club community efforts, they are able to support 150 families impacted by cancer this year.

Things may look a little different in the volunteering world this year with social distancing and safety measures in place. However, the community really connects well through contributing to the same greater cause. With White Light White Night becoming a virtual event, Walk With Sally brought new ways to keep the community connected. A Who’s Your Sally art wall to showcase loved ones can be found in downtown Manhattan Beach. While Safe-At-Home party kits were created to liven up the viewing parties and keep loved ones safe. Our volunteers were invaluable in picking up and distributing party packs to event hosts and participants. While others cruise around Manhattan Beach hanging posters to spread the word. Volunteers assisted with the art healing stations for children experiencing trauma from a loved one’s cancer. Check out more information about the WLWN 2020 here

If you are looking to donate your time, but are unsure where to start, the Social Club is for you! Social Club is the perfect gateway to learning more about the diverse and creative channels where you can give back.

Let’s Get Connected!!!

If you’re interested in meeting new friends, networking, or giving back, follow @wwssocial on Instagram to learn more about Social Club.

To learn more about Walk With Sally’s vision to pair mentors and mentees to help children impacted by a loved one’s cancer journey, follow @walkwithsally on Instagram.