Staying Connected and Supporting Your Mentee While Practicing Social Distancing



The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led us to uncharted territory with many questions on how to continue building relationships and maintain our community when we are staying home. We wanted to share some tips on how to stay connected in your mentoring relationship in a time of social distancing!

We encourage mentors, mentees, and families to continue communicating and supporting one another as much as possible. Below are some tips from the National Mentoring Partnership on mentoring during this time:

Be mindful. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, it may trigger trauma for young people impacted by the virus or by the news surrounding the pandemic. Let your mentee know that you see them and are there for them.

Be intentional about preserving continuity in the relationship.

  • Acknowledge what is going on and engage in a dialogue about the pandemic.
  • Understand and honor your emotions and the emotions of your mentee, including the range of reactions that may be expressed.

Be in it together. Let your mentee know that you are in this together and are here to help.

Be communicative. Healthy and supportive relationships are crucial during this time.

  • Let your mentee know you are still there for them virtually. Create a plan with your mentee about how you will stay in touch through FaceTime, text, phone calls, or emails.
  • Go old school and write your mentee a letter! Even a quick note letting them know you are thinking of them can be really impactful. There is something special about getting a letter in the mail and they can keep it to remember your bond during this time.


More Ways To Connect While Social Distancing

  • Download the HouseParty app – Play fun games like Heads Up or Trivia via video chat
  • Play Yahtzee – All you need is 5 dice and the score sheet (we found some printable ones online), be sure to show the dice on the video to keep everyone honest!
  • Play “Would You Rather” Over The Phone – Here’s a list of 200 questions you can ask each other to get to know one another better.
  • Find Another Conversation Game To Play – Here’s a fun list we found online to help get the conversation started so that you can stay connected with your mentee or mentor.

Join us online for Get Connected Day on Saturday, April 4th.  Spend 30 minutes with a friend, mentor, loved one or neighbor – at the appropriate distance of course – and share what you did on social media.  Don’t forget to tag @walkwithsally, #WWSGetsConnected and #CovidCantStopGood so that we can see and share your great ideas.  It’s times like these, that we as a community can help lift each other up, so join us and let’s Get Connected!!

Walk With Sally is always here to support and provide advice on how to best engage with your mentees. Please reach out to us at 310-322-3900 with any questions.