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A Friendship Story – Maureen & Izzy

Maureen & Izzy's Friendship Video

Maureen’s friendship with Izzy is a true testament to the Walk With Sally mission. Izzy joined the program when she was just ten years old. Her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and, at the time, she was in remission. Although Maureen and Izzy originally had complete opposite interests in activities, there was no denying the positive impact that they both have had on each other. Six years into Maureen and Izzy’s friendship, Izzy’s mother lost her battle. Without hesitation Maureen ran to Izzy’s side. Izzy knows Maureen is someone she can talk to and share her feelings with, in other words, her “safety net.” Not only is Maureen physically present for Izzy, but she goes above and beyond to make sure Izzy carries a beautiful memory of her mother. There is no denying that Maureen’s compassion towards Izzy has been life changing. After her mom’s death Izzy said “with Maureen and Walk With Sally, I saw that I still have a chance to be someone.”

Maureen and Izzy Friendship Photo

Support Through The Community

Throughout their time together, Maureen and Izzy have participated in Walk With Sally’s various friendship activities from going to Disneyland to a visit to the Grammy Museum. Designed as a way to bring a community of peers with the common bond of cancer together, the friendship activities are where Izzy finally felt that familial bond again. Izzy realized that she no longer has to be defined by the fact that cancer took her mom. She said “I’m the kid who grew up with cancer, but with Walk With Sally it’s ok, I’m one of them.” This community is what gives hope to kids like Izzy, she has since graduated high school, joined the army and has ambitions of becoming a veterinarian. Thank you Maureen and Izzy for your dedication to each other, and the Walk With Sally community!

Maureen and Izzy Friendship photo at American Idol

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