Thank You Mentors!



As you know by now, January is National Mentoring Month and we want to take a moment to thank all of the mentors who help to make Walk With Sally such an amazing program and support for families impacted by cancer.

In particular, we would like to honor our Mentor of the Year, a new mentor who has gone above and beyond the basic requirements and helps Walk With Sally to grow within the community. Last Thursday at our annual mentor mixer, we honored Greg Colgan as our 2015 recipient of the Mentor of the Year Award.



Greg and his mentee, Max, were matched on January 16, 2015. During the one year they have been together they have participated in multiple friendship activities ranging from the Gentle Barn to the Galaxy soccer game, they spoke at our annual Because of You Party at Plaza Bank, and Greg participated in our Mentor Roundtable which gives mentors the opportunity to provide feedback about the program.

Outside of mentoring Greg volunteered on the White Light White Night committee and helped with set-up and tear down for both WLWN 1.0 and 2.0 … Greg is now an active Bowl-A-Thon committee member and is excited to get as many mentors and mentees involved in our annual bowling fundraiser.

Greg is one of 54 mentors in our program who gives not only his time to a child who needs support, he also gives his heart. We are so thankful to all our mentors and would like to congratulate Greg on becoming this year’s award recipient!




Like we mentioned, Walk With Sally would be nothing without our mentors. Thank you for your sacrifice of time, generosity of heart, and the hope that you give to all of your mentees. Thank you mentors!

Benjamin Downs, Danielle DiMatteo, Jenna Wigman, Jillian Harris, John Dunn, Chris Martinez, Marie Anderson, Carol MacAllister, Aaron Miner, Sharon Strauss, Miriam Shakter, Erin Manning, Margo Kopman, Lucas Doub, Cindy McMaster, Sally Flack, Scott Gleason, Cherri Lane, Melissa Boyce, Rob Strand, Chris Coseglia, Scott Harris, Greg Colgan, Scotty Cohen, Amy Dorr, Joe Diaz, Karen Paek, Shannon Hackett, Bob Oh, Meghan Paynter, Tracey Carey, Ed Casey, Will Svitek, Kara Eldridge, Chanice Bolden, Michael DiLorenzo, Debbie Neves, Kayla Rhodes, Alexis Matthews, Pam Hernker, Ruby Ruiz, Reuben Turtletaub, Wendy Robertson, Luis Rodriguez, Rubia Sohail, Naivy Vargas, Andie Coppa, Cindy Hollern, Yabe Kassa





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