This Year’s Fred’s Future Scholarship!



Fred’s Future Scholarship

Walk With Sally’s mission is to provide support for children whose family member has cancer. Not only do we achieve this through our mentoring program that provides these children with immediate support needed to handle the trauma that cancer can often cause, but also through Fred’s Future Scholarship. As these children grow into young adults, we hope that they are instilled with a sense of leadership and community engagement. Fred’s Future Scholarship provides these young adults with the opportunity to thrive by giving them financial assistance in continuing their education.

Walk With Sally Advisory Board member Maureen McBride with her father Fred, the namesake for Fred's Future Scholarship

(Walk With Sally Advisory Board member Maureen McBride with her father, Fred, the namesake for Fred’s Future.)

Fred’s Future Scholarship has allowed many children to further their passion and love for education including Dezi Villagomez, a past recipient of the scholarship and current Walk With Sally Program Coordinator. Having now completed her college education, she says:

“The Fred’s Future Scholarship allowed me to not be burdened by the stress of having to pay for rent, university courses, expensive books, and instead allowed me to focus more on my academics. It also provided me with the opportunity to further my education and pursue my Master’s degree in Marriage in Family Therapy!”

Class of 2018 Applicants!

This year, we are so excited to have four applicants in the Class of 2018! All of the applicants have been a part of the Walk With Sally Mentoring Program for at least two years, successfully completed high school, and are eager to continue their education.

Junior Mentor Ronnie, applicant for Fred's Future Scholarship 2018

  • Ronnie Cornelius
    • In program 4 years
    • Applying to Santa Monica City College
    • “The Walk With Sally program affected me so much throughout the years. Having a mentor by side, I was able to open up more and share a lot about myself.’

Junior Mentor Hannah, applicant for Fred's Future Scholarship 2018

  • Hanna Chiet
    • In program for 2 years
    • Attending either Chanel Islands or San Francisco State
    • “When you sign up for this program, you aren’t just signing up for a mentor and fun events, you are signing up for a lifetime of unwavering support, and the opportunity to meet incredible people that you will cherish for the rest of your life.”

Junior Mentor Max, applicant for Fred's Future Scholarship

  • Max Hunter
    • In the program for 10 years
    • Attending Loyola Marymount University
    • “Walk With Sally gave me a life-long friend. I am grateful to him for spending so much time with me.”

Junior Mentor Emily, applicant for Fred's Future Scholarship 2018

  • Emily Milan
    • In the program for 2 years
    • Holy Names University
    • “Walk With Sally has become a family to me and they help me bring out the best in me.”

If you or someone you know could benefit from being involved in the Walk With Sally mentoring program, don’t wait, reach out today!