Volunteer All Star 2020 – Todd Morin



Volunteer Month – Honoring Our All Stars

April is National Volunteer Month and each year we like to honor one person as our Volunteer of the Year.  This year as we reflected back, there have been so many incredible supporters, we couldn’t decide on just one so instead we will be highlighting a different All Star Volunteer each week.

We want to start off  by thanking each and every person who has generously donated their time and talents to Walk With Sally.  We are so incredibly thankful to each and every one of you, as we rely on over 10,000 hours of volunteer time each year to make all of our programs and events possible.

To start the month off right, we wanted to highlight a long-term volunteer who has touched nearly every side of Walk With Sally. He’s volunteered for special events, fundraised, joined our Walk With Sally Social Club, and he’s become a leader for all of our volunteers… our first All Star Volunteer 2020 is Todd Morin!

Todd and other volunteers supporting our annual mentor mixer

Volunteer, Fundraiser, Leader

Todd is someone who has selflessly stepped up to the plate whenever we are looking for support.  Often times with the least exciting jobs, like set-up and clean up, when we need some extra hands, Todd is there.

Since 2017, Todd has helped with special events throughout the year, even taking on a leadership role to help us recruit, train and place volunteers for our annual fundraiser, White Light White Night.  He’s been an ambassador in the community, someone who loves to share his passion about Walk With Sally. This year, Todd took his participation to the next level, by fundraising for our annual Friendship Bowl and raising over $7,000, enough to support a Friendship through their first year and then some.

When we asked Todd why he chose Walk With Sally he said “I wanted to get involved with a local, worthy charity, and I found it with WWS.”

Todd, thank you so much for all you have done for Walk With Sally.  You are an amazing ambassador for our cause and we are so grateful to have you in our community!

Looking for a way to give back?

Right now, during this coronavirus crisis, it’s more important than ever for children to have positive relationships they can connect with.

  • Sustained, positive relationships with caring adults can help mitigate the harmful effects of childhood trauma, like depression or cardiovascular disease.
  • All the kids in our program have already endured the trauma of seeing a close family member battle cancer, this new crisis and dramatic shift due social distancing and isolation will only serve to exacerbate these harmful effects.

By connecting with a child and becoming a mentor, YOU can be the difference for a child who has had their world turned upside down for a second time in their short lives.

Fill our our volunteer form to let us know if you’d like to become a mentor, or help in another way, and someone will get in touch with you right away!