Walk With Sally Hands Out Three Scholarships in 2020

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Scholarships Building Hope For The Future

Remember that moment at the end of your graduation ceremony where everyone threw their caps up into the air?  Unfortunately our 2020 grads won’t have that exact moment, but we couldn’t help but tip our hats to our 8 incredible graduating seniors. Bella, Betty, Bre’Anna, Connor, Liam, Matthew, Naivy and Rashad, you have all battled so much to finally graduate high school and we know you all will have a future filled with hope and success!

Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship

It is part of our mission that we are providing hope and empowering kids who have been impacted by cancer. One way that we do that is through our Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship.  Each year high-school age mentees in our program are invited to participate in our Young Leaders Club and then they become eligible for a scholarship upon graduation of high school. We look for their participation in the program, volunteering, and fulfillment of the application and interview process to determine the recipients.

It is with pleasure that we announce the recipients of this year’s Fred’s Future Scholarship – Matthew, Liam and Betty!  Each of these graduates has participated in a variety of Walk With Sally programs, most notably the Young Leaders Club where they developed life skills, participated in workshops focused on secondary education and career development while also spending time volunteering inside of their community. Congratulations you three, you are an incredible example of determination amid some of life’s toughest challenges, we can’t wait to see what you’ll take on next!

Fred's Future Young Leaders SCholarship REcipeints for kids who have been impacted by cancer

Honor of a recent grad and make a donation today so that more kids impacted by cancer can have hope for a better tomorrow.