Walk With Sally & Rock and Brews Redondo Beach Friendship Activity 2019

Walk With Sally mentor and mentee at a Friendship Activity



Walk With Sally & Rock and Brews Redondo Beach Friendship Activity 2019

In partnership with Rock & Brews Redondo Beach, WWS provided some spring fun for our community.

Why Partner with Rock & Brews?

“Why not,” says Rock and Brews GM, Walter. It is so important for Walk With Sally to connect and create partnerships with companies like Rock & Brews that are very active in our community. It’s a powerful way to enroll individuals and groups that want to make a difference, because they believe in our mission of empowering children dealing with the traumatic impact of cancer at home. And last but not least, our Friendship Activities are a way of creating a community for the kids, mentors and families in the program so that nobody has to walk alone in the face of a loved one’s cancer.

Friendship Activity Fun

Who isn’t excited to eat pizza for breakfast and dye eggs, in celebration of spring?! We started off the Friendship Activity with an ice breaker, asking questions like “Would you rather be a super hero or a wizard?” These interactions allow for our community to more easily get to know one another, our mentees get to make new friends, and mentors have a chance to connect.

Mentor, Will speaking to the group about his super hero powers!

The day continued as the group dyed eggs all different colors and provided materials for decorating! After dying 3-4 eggs each, mentors, mentees and family members made their very own personal pizza. With the help of a local girl scout troop, everyone selected toppings and crafted their pizza before anxiously waiting to see them come out of the oven!

Mentor and Mentee Friendships enjoying the Walk With Sally friendship activity with Rock and Brews Redondo Beach near Los Angeles
Mentor and mentee friendships, Joanne and Barbara, left, and Pragnya and Sophia, right, enjoy creating colorful eggs with different dye options.

We close the day with an acknowledgement to the team at Rock & Brews, and Walk With Sally volunteers, who truly made it possible for our community to come together in such a special way. Not only do mentors and mentees strengthen their friendships with these shared experiences, but they are also able to see a higher level of support that is around them.

Walk With Sally mentee participates in pizza making at the Friendship Activity with Rock and Brews in Redondo Beach near Los Angeles
Mentee, Matthew arranges his toppings to make a delicious pizza!


Stay tuned for upcoming news on more Friendship Activities.

If you wish to get involved, or know a community organization or business that would like to partner with Walk With Sally, let us know!