Walk With Sally Takes Over Mulligan Family Fun Center

Walk WIth Sally mentor and mentee attending a Friendship Activity program day event in Torrance California



Walk With Sally mentors and mentees impacted by cancer at a Friendship Activity in Torrance, California

Friendship Activity 2020 – Mulligan’s Family Fun Center

Friendship- what does that mean to you? At Walk with Sally, we believe that it is an important piece to an intricate puzzle that makes up our community. Because of this, we believe it was the perfect theme to kick-off the first Friendship Activity of 2020. On February 8, Walk with Sally mentors and mentees took over Mulligan Family Fun Center in Torrance!

Mentorship Turns Into Friendship

Building a supportive community is important to us, and we want to ensure that all of our mentees, mentors, and families feel like they are truly a part of the Walk with Sally Family. We started the day by sharing our theme (Friendship) and encouraged everyone to make at least two new friends. After the theme was shared with everyone, we then proceeded to play a not-so-ordinary game of rock, paper, scissors. Mentees and mentors all had a blast cheering each other on!

Mentors and Mentees play games at Walk With Sally Friendship Activity in Torrance, California

What better start to a day full of fun than…you guessed it, pizza! Mentees and mentors had a chance to recharge with delicious pizza and dessert.

Mentor and Mentee spending quality time together at Walk With Sally Friendship Activity event

Building A Community of Support

After mentees and their mentors fueled up with delicious pizza, they had three hours of unlimited playtime! They had access to mini-golf, go-karts, rock climbing, laser tag, and batting cages. For many of our mentees, this was their first time participating in any of these activities however, they had the support of their mentors and their new friends.

The day ended with new experiences, new friends, and a stronger sense of community for those who are a part of the Walk with Sally family. It was a great way to kick-off the beginning of our year, and we look forward to another year of memories, support, and friendships. We want to thank Mulligan Family Fun Center and our volunteers for making this a day to remember.

Mentor and Mentee impacted by cancer having fun at Walk With Sally friendship activity