What An Honor – Palos Verdes 2017 Nonprofit of the Year Award



What an Honor!

Thanks to your support and the tireless dedication of our volunteers and mentors, we recently found out that the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has chosen Walk With Sally as the Nonprofit Organization of the Year!

Each year we strive to help more children and their families deal with the impact of cancer.  As we continue to grow throughout Los Angeles County, it’s humbling to be recognized for our services and support programs that are truly changing lives.

Nonprofit Of The Year Award

Founder Nick Arquette was on hand at the awards gala to accept the Nonprofit of the Year award from former Supervisor Don Knabe.  In his heartfelt acceptance speech he was sure to thank all of our volunteers and supporters and also mentioned that this award is dedicated to all of the parents out there just like his mom Sally.  Continue reading to see the full transcript.

The above video includes an introduction by former Supervisor Don Knabe and a video from Palos Verdes News before Nick takes the stage.

Here’s what Nick had to say:

“Thank you so much, I’m humbled to be here tonight. I’d love to bring up my team from Walk With Sally.  You are really the reason why we are here. This is an incredible staff and I’d like to honor Michele, Page and the rest of my staff who couldn’t make it tonight.”

“As we mentioned in the video we’ve completed 9000 mentoring hours this year and we aren’t even done yet.  Twelve years ago I just had an idea and I shared it with this community and you embraced it.  You believed that there needed to be something like this for children impacted by cancer.  My mom Sally died of breast cancer in my arms at sixteen and the impact was devastating. She was a single mother trying to raise two boys.  This is a story playing out throughout L.A. County every day, and Walk With Sally is on a mission to make sure that no child goes through the experience alone.  We are committed to mentoring these children sometimes for 8, 9, 10 years to get them on the road to a successful life.  Because their life should not be defined by their cancer story.  Every child wants to be known. We are committed to making sure that they have a voice. When you show up for these children, the future is bright.”

“This community has been amazing I don’t know where I would have been able to start, I don’t know if I had grown up in Ohio or somewhere else, if this would be possible. To start an organization twelve years ago and get this support as we now grow throughout all of LA County. Now our goal and our sights are set on every city. So as we venture on we continue to thank you for your support.”

“This community, the PV Chamber and the Board, you guys lit me up when you called.  Terranea has been one of our most important supporters, you have been there from the beginning. Gaye, Terri we love you guys, thank you so much.  We are very appreciative of you hosting this tonight.  South Bay Automation from the beginning you have been there and I thank you for hosting the music tonight. We love Olivia and Aragorn, they do our music for White Light White Night so we love them!”

“Jackie, you are an amazing inspiration and I only hope I can be like you sometime in my life. At some point I think I can elevate to that level.  To Vistas for Children and the work that you do for so many different charities.  You know, we need more Vistas for Children, this is what it’s all about, every day we do the grind.  So my 3 minutes are up, I love you all, and thank you for your support.”

“By the way, this is in honor of every mom and dad that has to sit down and tell their child that they have cancer. So, for those Sally’s out there, we love you.  Thank you.”

Congratulations to the other honorees on their outstanding work as well!  Citizen of the Year, Jackie Crowley, and the Community Service Organization of the Year, Vistas for Children.  Again, we are humbled by the company we keep.

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