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Congrats Dezi!

Fred’s Future-Young Leaders Scholarship granted Dezi, $1,500.00 to assist with educational expenses as she finishes her fourth year at Humboldt State University. Dezi was matched with her mentor (now our Director of Development) Michele McRae in 2005. They remained in the Walk With Sally mentoring program until Dezi turned 18 and pursued her college degree at Humboldt. As our mentees grow into young adults, it is our hope that through our programs, Walk With Sally can instill a sense of leadership and community engagement. Through our Fred’s Future – Young Leaders Scholarship, we aim to provide these young adults with the opportunity to thrive as leaders in their community by giving them financial assistance to continue their education.


Cowabunga Dude! Surf Day Friendship Activity

Walk With Sally was so thrilled to welcome 76 participants to our 3rd annual surf day in partnership with the Jimmy Miller Foundation on August 13th. Mentors, Mentees, Families and volunteers came together for a day of surfing, sand castle competitions and team building in Manhattan Beach. Walk With Sally hosts four friendship activities each year designed to bring together families impacted by cancer for a day of fun and to remind them that they are not alone during their cancer journey.



Kayla & Dakota – Matched 1 Year


Jillian & Betaneya – Matched 5 years


Our First Heart to Home!


“It was a good way to connect with Dakota and learn something about myself at the same time. I also bonded with the people in the room in a more intimate setting. I’ve seen these people before but I got to hear their story and dreams and it was very cool.” (Kayla, matched with Dakota 8/17/15)


Temporary Family Support


Have you ever wondered what the “support services” part of Walk With Sally’s mission entails? Well, it includes our Friendship Activities, referrals to outside programs, camps for kids, and so much more, but one of the main parts of our mission is our Temporary Family Support. The goal of this program is to reduce financial stresses in order to increase the mental and physical fight towards recovery, hope and healing. Destini is a mother to 6 mentees in our program. After they lost their father to cancer in April of 2016, Destini was hit hard with funeral costs, rent, utilities, and with school starting right around the corner, a new set of bills is on the horizon. As a newly single parent, the costs seemed insurmountable. Walk With Sally was honored to provide Destini with Temporary Family Support on August 22nd to help her family with the process of hope and healing following the aftermath of cancer.


Best of Manhattan Beach Awards

We’ve Been Nominated!



This year, we’ve been nominated for a Best of Manhattan Award in the Enhancing MB category which acknowledges the tremendous value and benefit brought to the community by a non-profit organization. All organizations thrive on the backs of our extraordinary and dedicated volunteers. We would love your help to show Manhattan Beach how many fantastic supporters we have. Please click through below to show your love for our mentoring and support programs for families impacted by cancer.


We can’t do it alone so share this with your friends and family too! Only one vote per email address allowed and voting closes September 16th so don’t forget!