Thank You, Mentor!



As Mentor Appreciation Month is upon us, we have to say thank you to our Mentors.

There are so many ways to thank someone who helps you through dark times and loves you unconditionally.

While the only way to truly repay them is a lifelong friendship, let us count the ways you can show your appreciation for another person.

  1. Say thank you for the little things. Whether it was opening the door or dropping everything to be there in a time of crisis, it is always good to hear thank you for acts big and small.
  2. Write a note. There’s a reason for your mother and teacher drilling this into you. It is SO thoughtful. When going through mail, bill after bill, it is so refreshing and awesome to see a handwritten note. It’s essentially like sending a hug.
  3. Invite them to peak moments of your life, because they may want to be a pivotal part of yours. Performances, award ceremonies, races, speeches, graduation. You cannot give a bigger gift than sharing in your milestones. Especially if you think they have helped you achieve this goal, they will want to be there.
  4. Give them your time. Relationships need this more than anything to grow. Uninterrupted conversations and outings should feel so rewarding, because they are. Put down the phone, tell your friends you’ll see them later, and give your Mentor the attention he or she deserves.

You could also say thank you by throwing a party for your Mentor, which is how Walk With Sally will be thanking our Mentors on January 17th! We hope to see you there!