Words of Wisdom



On Tuesday, we said thank you to some of our superstar mentors. I was in the audience, chatting with different mentors, and listening to the speeches and words of wisdom while trying to stifle some sentimental tears. A particularly juicy moment for me was listening to Amy’s words of wisdom to Mentors who are just starting out:


  • Show up
  • Be present
  • Listen
  • Keep promises
  • Be 100% yourself, because that’s what you’re there for.


This is amazing advice for all of us, in our everyday. Taking this wisdom with me to work, with my family, friends, and all my relationships is so important. It translates not only to being a good mentor, but to being a good person as well.


We are always looking for more good people like Amy. Please fill out a Mentor Application if you have a cancer story, and we’d love to see you at Mentor Training on January 28th.