Because of You: Ashley and Camilla Update



This past March YOU Stood Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year. So where are Ashley and Camilla now?

Ashley and Camila have shared wonderful memories since you last saw them, from our Surf day to decorating ginger bread houses and ice skating. Ashley was also able to participate in Camila’s first communion. She shared, “It was really beautiful to be with Camila’s family and share such a wonderful experience that means a lot to her, and to me.”

For Camilla’s part she says, “I have noticed something different and that is I laugh a lot more and I am more happy.”

We are so happy for them both and can’t wait to see what another 6 months will bring!

Because you stood up, you continue to be a part of Ashley and Camilla’s journey. See you when they hit their 1 year!

The Walk With Sally Team