Because of You: Stefanie and Paulina Update



This past March YOU Stood Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year. So where are Stefanie and Paulina now?

Stefanie and Paulina have grown quite close, sharing incredible experiences and moments with one another from paddle boarding to ice skating and creating art through Friendship Activities and in between.

Paola, Paulina’s mom shared, “Paulina has grown more confident in herself and doesn’t doubt who she is. She loves spending time with her mentor, Stephanie and comes home with a smile after she sees her.” ​

We know your heart will melt when you see the video that Paulina made for Stefanie. It really says it all!

Because you stood up, you continue to be a part of Stefanie and Paulina’s journey. See you when they hit their 1 year!

The Walk With Sally Team