Because of You, LA Trial Lawyers Charities


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Thank You Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities!

Because of YOUR willingness to Stand Up For a Friendship you have helped us support a new Walk With Sally match through their first critical year! We now see our mentee Emily, future leader, head off to college.

Emily & Khryste

Matched in June of 2017, these two close one chapter and begin a new one. Since we last checked in, Khryste and Emily have grown their friendship volunteering together to bring joy to the elderly during the holidays and brain storming strategies for Emily’s next steps in applying to college. In addition, Emily built her resume through Walk With Sally taking on a summer internship with our Program Team, fulfilling Junior Mentor Volutneer Hours and receiving the Fred’s Future Scholarship for $1,500.00! This fall Emily starts a new chapter attending Holy Names University in Northern California. Although she is no longer a mentee on paper she knows she can always turn to Khryste for guidance in her future.

Emily shares, “Giving my time and enthusiasm for the people who helped change my life is the least I could do. In the future, I still plan on giving back to the program.”

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of this friendship and their journey.
-The Walk With Sally Team