Because of You, RWB MB/PV SUFAF



Thank You for Your Generosity! 

Because of YOUR willingness to Stand Up For a Friendship at one of our 2018 Red White & Brew events, you have helped us support TWO new Walk With Sally matches through their first critical year! Please meet Roobina and Jaclyn, matched on May 22, 2018 and Vince and Cuzack matched on June 25, 2018.

Roobina & Jaclyn

Jaclyn is 17 years old and her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the same time her parents filed for divorce. Everything in her world came crashing together and still she shares, “[My mom] wants us to know that this world has support and safe places to fall.” Her mom has stayed admirably strong to continue to encourage Jaclyn and her two younger sisters to do the same. Jaclyn is excited to have someone to talk to for guidance and support. She loves to laugh, has an interest in comedy and is inspired by powerful women like Maya Angelou.

Jaclyn was matched with Roobina, a powerful woman herself having a background in microbiology as a Clinical Scientist. As an adult Roobina lost her sister to brain cancer, which left a gaping hole in her life. She hopes make a difference in Jaclyn’s life and we can see this is taking shape! These two share beautifully powerful personalities that will blossom throughout their friendship. Jaclyn’s mom shared, “The way you’ve matched my daughter is like some kind of sorcery or magic, they are perfect together!”

Vince & Cuzack

Cuzack lost the only male role model in his life, his grandfather, to brain cancer when he was too young to know him. He is 11 years old and has a vibrant interest in technology, coding, robotics and engineering. He has a great relationship with his mom but found school friendships to be challenging, getting angry easily and lashing out. He enjoys almost any outdoor activity, if he can also make time for Fort Night.

Vince was matched with Cuzack to help him channel his anger and energy into very positive and productive outlets. Vince lost his own grandparents to cancer and close friends as well. Although he’s experienced plenty of loss, he carries an extraordinary outlook on life we see will help Cuzack develop his own motivations and set important goals to succeed. They both look forward to game nights and day hikes as they build their friendship!


Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of this friendship and their journey. See you in 6 months! -The Walk With Sally Team