Because of You Michael



Michael, Because of your willingness to Stand Up For A Friendship and reach for the stars by raising over $5,000, Walk With Sally is able to support Ashley and Camila through their first year.
Ashley and Camila, matched on 2/11/17

Ashley has watched many family members suffer through a battle with cancer and knows the destabilizing affect it can have on a family. She wants to be an extra support system for a child who is dealing with these emotions right now. Camila is a normal 10 year old who loves to laugh, cook and cheer. Her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last fall and has begun her treatments earlier this year. She doesn’t know what to expect but is glad she has Ashley to have a little fun with and explore new things.

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of Ashley and Camilla’s journey. See you in 6 months! The Walk With Sally Team